Monday, December 12, 2011

A Log Cabin Christmas

Of course I am biased, but I don't think there is any structure that illustrates a traditional, American Christmas better than a seasonally decorated log home. The Christmas tree, cedar boughs, and green garland complement a rustic log structures' unique grains, knots, and natural wood character.

What makes the setting even more idyllic is a flickering fireplace in the picture adorned with stockings and candles. Perhaps it's the logs' nostalgic connection to the heritage of our nation, or maybe it's a reminder of the humble, rustic setting of the First Christmas with the Savior's birth in the stable; maybe it is the certain coziness about log homes fending off winter's chills (provided the cracks and joints are sealed well!). Whatever it is that summons the semantics, Christmas and log homes are practically made for each other.

Indeed, there is even an illustrated book with the title The Log Cabin Christmas and a book of historical pioneer romances called A Log Cabin Christmas. One of the frontier's favorite authors, Laura Ingalls Wilder, even talks about the pioneer Christmas in Little House in the Big Woods. There is a great children's adaptation with illustrations of it called Christmas in the Big Woods. Log homes and a traditional American Christmas both have close ties to the forest. From cutting down one's own Christmas tree and cedar boughs, to choosing a yule log, to traveling "over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go," there is no denying that a traditional Christmas is best presented in a rustic scene.

There is an historic log church in Coleraine, MN, and for years it has been tradition to have an annual Christmas in the Country concert of carols, folk tunes and bluegrass music which would make the window sill candles and audience's hearts dance together with nostalgia. The money raised from each concert goes into the preservation fund to keep the treasure in its grandeur. An Internet search yields many other log churches around the nation that also host special Christmas services, programs and concerts within their sanctified log walls. In Grand Marais, MN, a musical artist hosts a series of Log Cabin Concerts in his own home. Michael Monroe and his Log Cabin Concerts are a great way to experience folk music infused with a rustic log setting, even if you don't live in a log home of your own. Search the regional news and events, and you will see log buildings old and new all over the nation that host holiday events in their country charm.

Whether it's spent in a log home, a log cabin concert, or trip over the river and through the woods, I hope you find a way to connect with the nostalgic and rustic side of this holiday season. Have a very merry log cabin Christmas from us at Schroeder Log Home Supply.

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