Monday, February 23, 2015

What’s Life Like as a Mobile Log Home Owner?

What’s Life Like as a Mobile Log Home Owner?

It’s no surprise to our readers as to how much we love supplying log homes. There’s something so special about building with wood, let alone living under it. It’s that sense of home sweet home you can’t get with other construction materials. And lucky for you (and us), you can bring it on the road.

Now, having a mobile home is a unique lifestyle: You’re constantly resettling, but always settled. But having a mobile log home is even more unique, because you’re combining both the benefits of a log home and a mobile home. You’ll have that space you love with you at all times, but it’ll be different. And we’re here to tell you how to keep yourself equipped for what lies ahead.

By taking your log home on the road, you open yourself up to issues you wouldn’t otherwise have as a settled home owner. Fuel, of course, is one thing. The high costs of travel can add up quickly, and can stump mobile log home owners before they even leave the state. But don’t fret: solar and alternative energies for wood homes are readily available, and can be installed anywhere you go.

Keeping Your Log Home Exterior Healthy

However, keep in mind that the log home will be vulnerable to varied forces of nature, since you’ll be going through different terrains, and may decay or chip. That means you have to be proactive, and keep your wood healthy. In order to do so, invest some time in caulking, coating, finishing, and pest control, all of which can be found on our site.
What’s Life Like as a Mobile Log Home Owner? 
Also, now that you’re on the move, you’ll want to make sure your wood is safely constructed. That said, we offer a wide range of fasteners, screw jacks, and other building tools to keep that home together, no matter the landscape.

The best part of the mobile log home is that it will remind you how durable wood is. Because don’t forget: In the end, it’s born and raised in nature. If anything, you’re putting it up to its natural test. Especially on the road.

Friday, February 13, 2015

5 Things Only A Log Home Owner Would Understand

There is something magical about the appearance of a log home. The smell of the wood, the beautiful and natural wood grains, and the ambiance of coziness that this type of home provides, are a few of what makes a log home special.

Building a log home is very different from building a traditional home. Everything from the materials, layout, foundation, and structure will be customized to the particular needs of a log home.

While everyone can certainly fall in love with a log home, there are a few things that only log home owners understand about owning this type of structure:

1.       Log homes are much more efficient at regulating heat. Wood is a natural heat insulator and wood's thermal properties can maintain a temperature much more naturally than conventional heating and cooling systems.

2.       Log homes require much less decor. The wood stain and natural grains are stunningly beautiful and provide a unique decor element throughout the home that no paint or wall accents can match.

3.       Log homes are everlasting and can withstand all weather elements. There are 800-year-old log homes around the country that are still standing in beautiful condition. Depending on the type of wood you use, your log home will certainly outlast a conventional home.
4.       Log homes are peaceful and quiet. Because of the wood's thermal properties, a log home is essentially sound proof.

5.       Customizing is at its best with a log home. Since wood can be manipulated and still remain intact and strong, incorporating unique details in wood trim, staircases, and railings is far more attainable than with a stick-built home.

Schroeder Log Home Supply, Inc. has an entire catalog dedicated to quality products, materials, tools and equipment needed to build a sound and beautiful log structure. Contact us today and we can help guide you toward what you need for your log home.

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