Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prevention is simple! ...Restoration takes some effort.

by John Schroeder
Log homes are classic and cozy and any potential problems can be greatly reduced in good planning and design. Keep the bottom log a minimum of two feet above the ground and keep all of the log ends well-protected. Otherwise, situations like in these two photos could happen. The building is sitting at ground level, it has logs jutting out well past the roof line, and there are practically no eaves and no gutters. It's a recipe for rot.

Prevention is simple! Restoration takes some effort. The exposed logs absorb rain and melting snow. The ground-level logs also get ground moisture and splashback from ground proximity and a lack of eaves. The result is quick decay. Building longer eaves with gutters, trimming back the logs to keep them covered, and stacking the logs on a higher foundation would have prevented this issue. Prevention is simple! Restoration takes some effort.

Is it too late for "prevention?" Do you have a situation like this that needs repair? Call 1-800-359-6614 for a referral to a professional restoration contractor in your area or visit this page for DIY tips.

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