Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lincoln Log Homes For Adults

Lincoln Log Homes For AdultsLincoln Logs were one of those toys growing up, where our imaginations were practically limitless. Using the numerous different pieces inside the enormous tub they came in, you could build practically anything you wanted. Hours were spent deciding how you wanted the house to look. From how tall to how wide, to even things like the overall shape, as kids we built until the house we wanted.

The best part was that if you didn’t like it, you could start over and build it again more to your approval. Once it was finally done, you were able sit back and take in the feeling of a job well done with a great sense of accomplishment.


Creating A Log Home Like You Did As A Kid


The same could be said about your own log cabin home. You imagine the home you want and build until it is complete. Once it is, you can show off your hard work and appreciate it by doing more than staring at it like a toy, because a log cabin or home is a practical investment you are able to enjoy for quite a long time.

Lincoln Log Homes For AdultsYou may not be able to take it apart like Lincoln Logs, but you can certainly make improvements!

For almost three decades SchroederLog Home Supply has been helping its customers make improvements to their log cabins or homes. Let us help you take that Lincoln Log Cabin you built on your living room floor and make it a reality; Log HomeCleaners, Alternative Energy, Log HomeApplication Tools and now Backer Rodfor Log Home Chinking. Contactus today for more information.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Three Quick and Easy Ways to Extend Your Log Home’s Life

As much as we love our log homes, we have to understand one thing: nature. Even though wood beats metal or brick any day, one has to take into account the deterioration factor. In other words, your logs will not last the test of time, meaning that, after construction, your next steps should be to ensure its full life and potential. And that’s not too hard to do, especially if you follow these three rules.
Three Quick and Easy Ways to Extend Your Log Home’s Life 

Avert The Sun’s Harmful Rays

The Sun isn’t always your friend, and giving your home a tan isn’t something that is trendy when owning a log home. There are a few options that can help protect against the ball in the sky. With a proper stain choice application and by having the correct construction planning. For the log home, you'll want to go with long overhangs, in order to keep the sun away and extend the life of your log home.

No More Pests

Now that you own a log home, you must know this: a pest is your new Public Enemy No. 1. Aside from being an annoyance, these insects exist as a threat to the life of your lovely creation, so we have to be sure that they’re a thing of the past. That said, we offer the best in pest control and wood preservative, fighting against termites, ants, and spiders, of all shapes and sizes. Don’t worry: you’ll get ‘em.

Keep Water Out And Off

Now that you’re protected from the sun and pest-controlled, it’s time to move onto the last module of preservation: Keeping the water from damaging the log home. This can be done by means of a proper stain choice and applied correctly, appropriate caulking and application, gutters that collect and distribute the water away properly, and keeping the first course of logs beginning at least 24" above grade level.
Three Quick and Easy Ways to Extend Your Log Home’s Life 
Additional Tip: To truly breathe as a log home, your wood will need a proper finish done to it, in order to prevent against any stains you may encounter. This coverage entails an estimate of exactly just how much wood you’ve laid down, so we offer a calculator to make sure you’re getting the most finish for your buck.

Once these three steps are done, you’ll be on your way to a happy, healthy log life. Now, go enjoy your new home. For more information on supplies that can extend your log home’s life, contact Schroeder Log Home Supply today!

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