Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Saint Urho's Day!

The holiday of St. Patrick's Day is well known and well celebrated across America every March 17th. Lesser known is the holiday preceding Patty on March 16th. St. Urho's Day. Maybe it's recognized here in Minnesota than in Finland, but it celebrates St. Urho's feat of leading the Grasshoppers out of Finland (more info on this site).

We celebrate St. Urho's Day at Schroeder Log Home Supply for several reasons. First, we have a staff member Keeley, who has strong Finnish heritage. Second, there are many others in northern Minnesota with Finnish descent. Finally, the development of log home building owes much to Finnish craftsman who along with other Northern Europeans, refined the techniques and brought them to the Americas.

So put on something purple, and have a Happy Saint Urho's Day!

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