Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bringing Clarity to Clear Coat Maintenance

Reprinted from the Summer 2016 edition of Schroeder Log Home Supply, Inc.'s Log Core Newsletter

Bringing Clarity to Clear Coat Maintenance

By Charis Babcock from Sashco, Inc.

Maintenance with a clear top coat over an elastomeric log stain is pretty great. 

·         Easiest application – apply even with a garden sprayer

·         No lap marks – two layers of clear is . . . . still clear

·         Protects the underlying stain from discoloration

·         Maintenance coats won’t darken the home over time

·         Won’t discolor your chinking

Everyone knows that a $30 oil change two or three times a year beats a $2,000 mechanic’s bill. Routine maintenance and re-application of your clear coat is no different.  Taking a weekend or two every couple of years to apply a fresh clear coat will be the difference between keeping your stain in tip top shape or paying $20,000 for a complete redo. (Eek!)

So, what exactly does a clear coat do? (In this case, Sashco’s Cascade® clear coat)

·         First, UV filters in Cascade® protect the underlying Capture® Log Stain from discoloration. While slight discoloration isn’t entirely avoidable in a semi-transparent stain, keeping up on Cascade® maintenance will slow down the discoloration process.

·         Second, Cascade® contains the majority of the water repellency of the two-part Capture® and Cascade® system. Keeping up on Cascade® maintenance means a home that is protected from rain and snow.

So, how do you know it’s time for another clear coat?  It all starts with an inspection.

Check your logs twice a year: once in the spring for any winter damage, and once in the fall for any summer damage. In particular, look for the following:

Cascade·         Loss of sheen: Cascade® has a satin sheen to it. It will erode away more quickly in the highly exposed areas. Take a look at your logs in the sun. It will be easy to tell where it’s worn off. Clean the surface, and apply more.

·         Loss of moisture shedding: Take a hose or spray bottle to the walls. If water is still sheeting off, you’re in good shape. If not, time for a maintenance coat.

·         Discoloration of Capture®: If you notice significant fading or darkening of the Capture® Log Stain, it’s likely the Cascade® has been gone for a while. You may need to do a re-coat of both products.

The good news: you don’t need to re-coat the whole house every time. Apply more Cascade® where needed, when needed. It’s likely the north side or any side protected by a porch can go several years without a re-coat, while that south wall that’s fully exposed may need re-application on those lower courses every two years. Your home is unique, so maintenance schedules will be, too. In the end, it should only take you one weekend a year to do the work. Once it’s done, sit back, pat yourself on the back, enjoy an iced tea, and get on with life.

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