Monday, August 17, 2015

Restoration Tips For Making An Old Log Home Look Newer & Stronger

Restoration Tips For Making An Old Log Home Look Newer & Stronger
Whether it’s lacking time to keep up with regular maintenance or you’ve just moved into a log home, restoring it’s beautify can be a big project. If you’re interested in doing the repairs yourself, here are a few tips that can help you with your project.


Check for large cracks where dirt and rain could accumulate. Use a good quality caulk that allows for your logs to expand and contract. You’ll be able to find a caulk that matches the stain or finish of your home.  However, if it is a large area, you may need to contact a professional.


Mold can grow where finish is coming off of the logs; use a soft brush or one of our buffing brushes and a bleach/water mixture to clean it off. Hose it off thoroughly and let it dry before moving forward with other repairs. 

If there is an area where the finish is wearing off prematurely it is most likely where water is dripping or splashing often. This can lead to mold and wood rot; add gutters or redirect the water away from the logs.


If there is an area of rot or damage, you can use Penetreat to keep the logs from rotting further and then use Liquid Wood to seal the cracks. Then, use new wood to fill the damaged area. If the logs are painted, then the logs would need to be stripped with a chemical stripper or sanded before starting the rot removal process. 

You can find a more detailed process on our Log Home Restoration Maintenance Products page.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your home repairs or have any questions, please contact Schroeder Log Home Supply, Inc. today.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Bugs might be an issue, but dangerous snakes can try to find a home in your log home too…

Everyone can enjoy and appreciate your beautiful log home unfortunately, not everyone you want. Bugs and snakes could potentially become your unwanted roommates and ruin the integrity of your wood. Not only should you be able to control the unwanted guests in your home but you should be able to preserve and take care of your house.

Here are a few products that will keep the bugs and snakes from making a home out of your home!

Bugs might be an issue, but dangerous snakes can try to find a home in your log home too
Armor-Guard Borate Wood Preservative is borate preservative that is dissolved into water and it will protect wood from decaying and from insects that could do damage. The preservative does not affect the color or application of the wood and is very easy to mix and use. It protects wood from a variety of beetles, ants and fungi. 

There are two Carpenter Bee Kits available, one with Delta Dust and one with Drione Dust. Although it says it’s for carpenter bees, it can be used on ants, wasps, cockroaches, and other indoor and outdoor pests. The Drione kills in minutes, while the Delta takes hours; they’re equally effective. Each kit comes with Delta (or Drione) Dust, 4 oz. of Viper, a Crusader Duster and a face mask.

You can buy Delta Dust or Drione Powder as well as the Viper Insecticide separately. For more information about preventing unwanted visitors in your log home, please contact Schroeder Log Home Supply today.

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