Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Adding a Porch Will Add to Your Investment

If you have a log home or cabin, you know it’s not only a place where you lay your head but can be a major investment in your life. Log homes can have need for annual maintenance, which can be costly so owners will likely look for ways to preserve the money they put into it, while trying to make sure the value will stretch.

Depending on where your home is located, the various elements are the biggest damaging factors to the outside of your log structure. The wind, rain, and sun all contribute to the stress and ageing of the hardware, trim, doors, and windows of your home.

That’s where attaching a porch to your log structure can come in to help protect your investment. A porch can be a guard against the elements that look to damage your log cabin, all the while giving you a new living space and the option to enjoy the outdoors, without being totally outdoors.

Having the ability to enjoy the scenery and relax on your porch is a great complement to the log home lifestyle. Plus not only can a porch be quite eye appealing, but depending on where you attach it, it can also provide you savings on energy costs.

So look to see what kind of porch can fit your needs for your log structure. And as always reach out to Schroeder Log Home Supply for all your building supplies to help make any project you have, easier.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Ways to Lower Your Log Home Construction Cost

You’ve come to an age in your life and a realization that you’re tired of the chaotic, unpredictable city life, and instead want to live where your nearest neighbor isn’t even within shouting distance of your home. But you’re the type of person who is budgeted and practical, knowing that that it isn’t easy to just build a new home anywhere. There’s a certain process, before you can set yourself up in a new home and live in the great outdoors.

Once you’ve found a plot of land to build on, the decision is what type of home would be best fit for you and/or your family. As a child you fancied the Lincoln Logs that your parents gave for you to play with, so reminiscing how much fun and enjoyment you got out of building a log cabin as a kid, you decide that’s where your imagination can take you with a new home.

But as your home isn’t a child’s toy, the construction process can take a toll on anyone’s budget. You don’t want just any roof over your head but at the same time staying functional with some of the trimmings. 

So here’s a list of things 5 ways you can lower the cost of your new log cabin:

  • · Stock Design – Many log home manufacturers have stock designs of homes that they previously built. Utilize a previous design as a way to eliminate build time and planning. Don’t be afraid to have a little customization to cater to your needs, but if they have used similar designs to the house you choose, it will save you money.

  • · Efficient Roof – A roof can be the most costly part to your log home. The less that goes into the construction of your roof, such as not going with hips and a steeper pitch, the less expensive it will be. The rule here is to not be complicated with your roofing.

  • · Upgrade Later – Things like jetted tubs and fancy kitchen appliances can be bought later down the line. Stay modest with your furnishings, and focus on the building of your home first.

  • · Don’t Make Any Last Minute Changes – Make sure you are concrete with your designs and materials. Any corrections you might make as the building process occurs could be costly and cause for the construction of the cabin to slow down.

  • · Use Products from a Supplier You Can Trust – Schroeder Log home Supply has been a name in the log home industry, and has any and all of your log home needs and materials for the construction of your log cabin. Rely on our professionals to help you find the tools that will ease the burden of the building process and make ita smooth transition from the city life.

If you live inside the Grand Rapids, MN or Middlebury, IN areas or anywhere across the United States, contact Schroeder and get the resources you need to complete any log home.

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