Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pioneers: Log Cabin Perfectionists

Pioneers: Log Cabin Perfectionists
Although the true origin is uncertain, the log home has been around for a long time. Back then, they were somewhat easier to build as two or three men could have one completed in a few days.

These were smaller than our current structures as they were only one room and the floor was made of ground beneath our feet. Now it may seem like these buildings are silly to make now, but the people who used to build them lived a prosperous life.

Log Cabin Life


Living in these log cabins out in the woods allowed the pioneers to be self-sufficient. After all they built their homes in the middle of forests where they were surrounded by practically endless supplies. If they wanted food, they simply could have went out and searched for berries or vegetation.

Or if they were looking for dinner, they would only need to find a creek or river and fish. Then at night, they wouldn’t need natural gas to heat their home, they would just build their own fireplace and burn wood to heat the house.

They would also use that fire to help cook the fish they caught earlier in the day. Also, if they weather were to turn, they would be able to insulate the space in between logs to help keep out heat and cold.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Keep Your Log Home Looking Good

Keep Your Log Home Looking Good
It’s no secret that as time goes on, things start to age and show signs of wear. This especially holds true to log home. As soon as the structure is built it is exposed to not only the elements but to animals that will start to chip away and begin to break it down. 

It is very important to take preventative measures to make sure your log home is not only durable, but maintains a great look also.

What To Use?

After winter passes, it’s a great idea to go through and inspect your log home for signs of wear and tear. If some of the logs have started to decay or rot, using Liquidwood would be perfect as it would reinforce the wood as well as restore some of their structural strength.

Then after that, it would be smart to use something like Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative to help prevent any further wood decay from happening. Now that you have repaired the wood, you have to make sure it looks good as well.

A cleaner such as Log Wash would be a good choice for cleaning not only the log but other wood surfaces in your log home. Then a simple bonding agent like OXcon Wood Cleaner could be applied to give the wood a fresh, clean appearance.

Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc has a wide variety of products you need to help restore the logs of your log home and keep it looking like brand new. For more information about our products, please feel free to contact us today!

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