Monday, September 21, 2015

Don’t Let These Ruin Your Log Home!

Don’t Let These Ruin Your Log Home!
Many look to their log home as a place of respite from the rest of the world and some call it their everyday home. Yet, that peace can be shattered by a group of common problems that can lead to big headaches if not taken care of.

Arm yourself with knowing the warning signs so you can take the necessary steps to stop the problems in their tracks.

Protect Your Log Home!

Every once and a while take the time to inspect the foam panels in your ceiling. If there are holes in them, you might have carpenter ants creating tunnels to move in and around your home.

To fix and prevent this from happening, use borate infused panels in your log home and if that doesn’t work you might have to invest in a Bug Kit.

Also, take the time to walk around the house and look for any holes in the wood as these are breeding spots for wasps and bees. To prevent this, clean out the holes and fill them with either caulk or chinking.

One common problem with log home could be water spots on the deck. To fix this you could either use a wood cleaner and clean the deck or simply strip the finish and reapply it after everything is dry.

Schroeder Log Home Supply has a wide variety of products to help you avoid any of these issues. There is nothing worse than a pest, so let us help you get rid of them and keep your log home in great condition. For more information on any of our products, please contact us today!

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