Friday, March 20, 2015

What Melting Snow Can Do To A Log Home And Products To Prevent Damage

What Melting Snow Can Do To A Log Home And Products To Prevent DamageJust as with a traditional home built of wood frame and drywall, a log home is susceptible to water damage from melting snow. In areas of the country that receive high volumes of snow, when it melts, water can seep into the home from the soaking ground level and from reaching the interior walls or logs.

Wood has a natural amount of moisture within the logs. This water will not damage the log home's structure, but excessive water can lead to problems that require big fixes.

Common complications caused by too much water (i.e. from melting snow) include:

·         Mold and mildew build up on the logs

·         Log rot and decay

·         Deformation of the logs

·         Insect infestation

When built correctly, logs homes have a protective seal coated on to prevent the above from happening. However, if there is an abundance of snow on the roof of the log home, there is no guarantee the above problems won't occur.

The first step you will want to take is making sure your walls and roof are properly sealed. Water can seep through the logs, but a quality sealant will act as a barrier. We do have a variety of products to aid in the resistance against melting snow.

Energy Seal Textured Caulk by Perma-chink seals gaps around between log joints and around wood trim, windows, and doors.
What Melting Snow Can Do To A Log Home And Products To Prevent Damage 
Log Jam Chinking is an acrylic elastic log chinking joint sealant. It can absorbs log movement that happens over time. This product stretches and re-seals itself.

WeatherSeal Stain Log Home Finish is a great barrier against weather elements like melting snow. When mixed together it creates a creamy texture that really adheres to the wood.

Schroeder Log Home Supply, we provide these and other products at great prices. For additional products we have that will work against melting snow, feel free to contact us.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Cleaning Your Log Cabin

Spring Cleaning Your Log Cabin
Spring is right around the corner and after the sometimes brutal weather this winter has brought, a little bit of spring cleaning along with some fixing may be in order. That list of things in need of maintenance includes your log home.

Now maybe you took preventative measures before the weather got colder and all you need is a small amount of work on it like cleaning the wood. For that you could use something as simple as Log Wash. This will remove dirt, grime, pollen, and surface mold and mildew without harming the wood or the finish. Along with that, a fresh staining of the wood may be in order as well. Capture Log Stain or Lifeline Interior Wood Stain could cover your wood inside and outside of the home and help protect it from the suns rays this summer.

Spring Cleaning Your Log CabinGet Your Log Cabin Ready For Summer

Along with summer comes the return of numerous bugs and insects looking to become the pests nobody wants. They could even go as far as damaging the wood on the outside which could lead to a massive headache. To prevent your log home from falling victims to the likes of Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees and even Wood Beetles use Armor-Guard Borate Wood Preservative and rest easy knowing your keeping those pests from hurting your home.

Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc. has all the quality products, materials, tools and equipment needed to help protect and clean your log home. Contact us today and let us help guide you toward the right stuff you need to get your log home ready for summer!

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