Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Log-Gevity Citrus Log Stripper

By Yvonne Warren, Schroeder Log Home Supply, Inc.

It is that time of year for traditions. One of mine is making lefsa with my sister and our daughters and daughters-in-law. Last year, not thinking, I put the hot lefsa between towels on my table. Six hours later during clean up I removed the towels to find a place mat size white spot on my table. I went online to see how to get it out, all to no avail. The only thing I could do at that time was to cover it with a place mat.

This fall I was sitting at my work desk and looking into the warehouse I saw Log-Gevity Citrus Strip Gel. For some reason I thought of my table; what could it hurt if I tried to strip the table. So I took a sample and a gallon home. I set a fan up on one side of the dining room and opened the sliding doors on the other side for good ventilation. I tried some of the sample first, putting it on a 12" x 12" area. I poured a cup of coffee and sat down. About 20 minutes later, scraper in hand, I checked to see how much longer I needed to wait. I had never used Log-Gevity Citrus Strip before so I didn’t know what to expect. To my total amazement there was a beautiful piece of oak.

In the Log Home Supply business I think of a stripper for the removal of failed log finish. Log-Gevity Citrus Stripper contains no methylene chloride and no neutralizing is needed. The best part for me is the pH balance that is non-damaging, not only to logs, masonry, plastered walls and metals, but also to wood tables. I have no idea what finish was on the table, but this product is designed to remove multiple layers of finish, varnish, stains, latex paint, and oil paint.
Log-Gevity Citrus Strip
I opened the gallon and went to work using, in total, about ¼ gallon. My table is quite large, seating six people without the leaf. It was only 21/2 hours later and I was cleaning up. Depending on
how many layers and of what you are removing, your time will be different. The odor was almost nonexistent, but ventilation is required or wear a respiratory for protection. I am so pleased with how fast and odor free Log-Gevity Citrus Strip Gel was, that now I am searching for another project.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Cut Your Energy Costs

Sashco Log Builder Caulking Application
January 10th is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day! One of the best ways to cut energy costs on an existing log home is to seal the joints with backer rod and caulking.

Logs and large timbers have thermal mass, which allow them to retain and radiate heat well in the winter. No doubt, log cabins are cozy! They can become uncomfortable, however, when daylight is seen between the logs or through the corner notches. If daylight is visible, then air can undoubtedly pass through, and that's when uncomfortable drafts will be coming into the home. If cold drafts are coming in, then warm energy is escaping out. That means it's time to caulk!

Insert a foam backer rod into the gap between the logs and seal the joint with a caulking designed for logs, such as Log Builder or Conceal Textured Caulking. Mist with some water to lubricate, then smooth out with a putty knife or spatula.

Cutting Your Energy Costs in a log home is as easy as squeezing a caulk gun trigger!

Questions? Get your LogHelp and give Schroeders a call: 1-800-359-6614

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