Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Building on Your Own

Are you building your own log home or cabin and looking for guidance? Of course, it is always best to leave the craftsmanship to a professional, but there are many do-in-yourselfers who like to take on the project and build your own. In doing so, it is easy to make mistakes and get lost in the steps of construction. Researching books and videos can certainly help, but having access to experienced builders is well worth the time. One way to be part of a brotherhood of builders to share information, techniques, and ideas is to join a log builders' association. Consider joining the Great Lakes Log Crafters Association and be a part of a group of builders who are there as a support system to share centuries of knowledge of the craft of log building.


Replacement Axe Handle Measurements

Hults Bruk Replacement Hickory Handles (a.k.a. haft or helve) for Hults Bruk Axes. As the saying goes with several variations, "T...