Tuesday, July 28, 2015

5 DIY Rustic Decor Ideas for Your Log Home

Finding rustic decor ideas that are a perfect fit for your log home can be challenging and costly.

Here are some unique and easy to make DIY décor ideas:
5 DIY Rustic Decor Ideas for Your Log Home

Log Lamp

We all love the look of the traditional log lamp; it’s a great addition for the rustic look of your log home. Not to mention, it’s easy to make. If you’re looking for a more modern look, utilize the natural cracks in the log and install the light inside. Your lamp will have a unique light pattern and a cool look.

Dog Feeder

If you’re tired of Fido’s food and water bowls constantly spilling on the floor or you just dislike the look of the steel bowls on the floor, add a rustic twist. Sand the bottom of a log down flat, cut out two holes and place the dog bowls in the cut outs. You can also use a raised log feeder for your bigger dogs, making a small table with the same two cut out holes.

Tree Stump Vase

For a beautiful addition to your table try making a wooden vase. Drill a hole into the stump wide enough to fit another vase or a jar inside and tall enough that whatever you put inside doesn’t show over the edge. Sand and varnish the outside of the vase to avoid splinters.

Log Path and Garden

Instead of a stone path through your garden, consider using log slices as steps.  After cutting the log into slices, seal them and lay the logs out to decide how they fit best, then glue them together. If you have a large amount of the log left over, remove the inside, add some soil and seeds and you’ll have a garden in the log.
If you’re interested and would like more décor ideas for your log home, contact Schroeder Log Home Supply, Inc.  

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